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Your event takes on its full dimension

MBF Évènementiel by VTO deploys all the technical means necessary for the successful holding of your event, whatever the size, location or theme.
We can manage your event from start to finish. Designing invitations, setting up the venue, providing technical support, managing the reception staff, catering, etc. We know and anticipate every aspect of the organisation. You will be able to prepare for the event with complete confidence and peace of mind, thanks to our support and expertise.

The logistical and technical aspects are at the heart of any event.

Logistics should not be left to chance. By entrusting us with your project, you secure its planning, management and coordination. Good logistics are a guarantee of the success of your event and a positive experience for all participants.

The technical services cover sound, scenarisation, lighting, decoration and mapping.
Your event is staged by us! The technique is essential: it helps to create an atmosphere, to highlight the theme of the event, to bring out emotions that will remain in the memory of your guests. In constant collaboration, we work to ensure that the technical equipment is fully up to scratch… for the event!

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Our inspirations events

We deploy all our skills for the success of your event and its positive impact on the atmosphere and dynamic of your company

A thank-you cocktail for your employees, a gala in an atypical and seductive place…
Whether it’s an intimate space or a concert hall, a private castle or a cruise ship, a museum or a cave, a special theme restaurant, a lounge, or an unusual or top-of-the-range accommodation: in France or abroad, we will find the ideal venue and make all arrangments so that you have the best evening possible.
Think about it : you can enhanced your evening events for your teams with team building activities. Nothing is off limits, everything is possible!

Prestigious or festive, your gala evenings require meticulous preparation and flawless orchestration. Their standing must be in tune with your company’s image and the values you want to promote. Selection of the decoration, equipment, scenography, entertainment, aperitif… Everything makes sense and contributes to reinforcing your brand image and generating business opportunities. The success of your gala evening will reflect the success of your company!

A birthday is something to celebrate! You have the opportunity to value the beautiful human adventure that is the life of your company and to introduce your future projects. The opportunity, through this milestone event, to share a friendly and festive moment between employees, customers and friends. We offer you exceptionals venues and original formulas for a memorable birthday party, for small or large groups.

The product launching is the culmination of collective work in the company, from brainstorming to initial tests. It’s also the beginning of a promotional campaign to be carried out by expert hands! From teasing, to arouse the curiosity of the public and professionals, to identifying investors and influencers to invite, a whole strategy must be followed through so that the event has the desired impact.
an exclusive product needs an original presentation! Live demonstrations, screenings, free sample distributions, interactive experiences and activities are all formulas for an immersive and stimulating discovery of your product.
We will be your best ally in offering new ideas to help you distinguish yourself from the competition!

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