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Our MBF trades

Your tailor-made event

Our agency MBF Évènementiel by VTO will direct you and accompany you in the creation of your tailor-made event. We offer events that meet your ambition and we take care of the organization, totally or partially, according to your needs.

Creating your event :
our 4-point process


Identifying your needs

First of all, we identify all the needs and obligations that must be meet for the organisation and smooth running of your event, down to the smallest detail.


Analysis and advice.

By highlighting the uniqueness and purpose of your event, we help you to prioritise and set out your objectives. Our team of professionals will give your event its full meaning.


Strategy and concept

We offer creative and original solutions, in line with your company’s identity and in accordance with your particularities as well as your means.


The carrying out

We overlook all or part of your event. From the initial creation to the technical orchestration of the event, one person is entirely dedicated to you, for optimal team coordination.


organisation d'évènement MBF
organisation conférences entreprise

Bringing people together, spreading the word

An event is a key moment in the life of your company. It honours the hard work and launches you towards the future. It enhances the company and its products, and also develops its brand image.
An event is designed to bring people together and unite them around your project. It must make a long lasting impression and represent a landmark in the history of your company (launching of a new product, official opening, gala evening, anniversary, etc.).
The impact of an event is proportional to the range or intensity of the emotions it has created.

It is sometimes said that an event has as many different effects as emotions it provokes.

Your event takes on its full dimension

We can manage your event from start to finish. Designing invitations, setting up the venue, providing technical support, managing the reception staff, catering, etc.

It is sometimes said that an event
has as many different effects as emotions it provokes.

Seminars and conventions

séminaires logistique
séminaires d'entreprise ecoresponsable

Training, teaching

A seminar is a successful management approach for your company. It brings your employees together for a strategic reflection or professional training. A studious interlude, a seminar encourages the receptiveness of your employees and their involvement. It motivates them by giving them a new vision of their purpose and of the company. Preferably organised in a magical and/or atypical location !

An effective solution to promote interactions, contacts and share your strategy !


Federate, share

A company convention is a more formal event. It brings together as many employees and partners as possible for one or more days of information sharing, external interventions, listening to employees and defining new perspectives. It allows you to match expectations, to map out the lines of development, but also to publicly promote the good health and the new dynamic of your company.

Dozens of speeches, thousands of smiles for unforgettable meetings !

The best source of motivation

Organizing a seminar or a convention is not improvised: whether to strengthen cohesion, train or inform or in order to communicate on new strategies, MBF Evènementiel is at your side!

An effective solution to promote interactions, contacts and share your strategy!

Dozens of speeches, thousands of smiles for unforgettable meetings !

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Incentive and Team Building

incentive développement
savoir-faire incentive

Rewarding, motivating

An incentive is a motivational trip that is both gratifying and unforgettable for your teams (and possibly for your clients). This exotic trip, far from the hustle and bustle of work, allows your employees to strengthen their relationships in a relaxed atmosphere, to think positively about their belonging to the company (or, for customers, their loyalty to it). Destinations and activities must be chosen with care!

Destinations in France and abroad for enriched relationships!

Team Building

Uniting, strengthening

Team building consists in organising a sporting, recreational or cultural activity that will strengthen team spirit and encourage mutual support between your employees, by encouraging them to perform collectively. Team building creates a collective intelligence that will have an impact on the internal vitality of the company. It is also an excellent way to integrate your new employees.

Exceed your goals

Incentive and team building are two distinct approaches in the managerial strategy of a company. While team building aims at strengthening team spirit, the incentive is based on notions of reward and surpassing oneself.

Destinations in France and abroad for enriched
relationships !

"A brain in positive mode is 31% more efficient than a brain in neutral or stressed mode. (Harvard Business Review)

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